Photoshop Editing Service

Photoshop Editing Service


1. Choose which Editing service you require, Basic, Standard or Comprehensive

2. You will need to upload your picture to send to us via the upload page

3. Include a full detailed description of what work you require

4. Your picture will be edited and sent back to your for approval

5. You then pay for the service after you have approved it

6. You can have your picture printed on canvas or on a quality mug, cushion, towel or fleece.

The pictures you provide needs to be of a good enough quality in order to withstand the editing.

We are here to help, so don’t be afraid make an enquire if your not sure of anything.

  • Basic Photoshop Editing Service Includes:

    ·       Quick basic editing to improve one picture

    ·       Brightening the image

    ·       Colour Correction

    ·       Cropping, Straightening and Reshaping the image

    ·       Focus Sharpening

    ·       Redeye removal

    ·       Resizing the image for your requirements

    ·       Adding Text

    ·       Designing a celebration card

    ·       All-round basic improvement of the picture 

  • Standard Photoshop Editing Service Includes:

    Everything that is included in the Basic Editing PLUS:    

    ·       Image Manipulation

    ·       Face or body swap

    ·       Body figure enhancement or reduction

    ·       Removing or placing someone or something out or into the picture

    ·       Tattoo removal

    ·       Age reduction

    ·       Slimming

    ·       Art, turning your picture into a painting or giving it a stylish look

    ·       Old picture restoration

  • Comprehensive Photoshop Editing Service Includes:

    Our professional comprehensive Photoshop editing service is where we take more time and effort to get the image perfect for your requirements, unlike our basic and standard service, which is designed for easy quick fix projects.


    Everything that is included in the Basic and Standad Editing service PLUS: 

    ·       Comprehensive editing is where we take more time and effort to get the image perfect for your requirements.

    ·       Multiple people editing and combining or swapping people

    ·       Collage turning your collection of pictures into a one picture collage

    ·       Comprehensive picture manipulation, Removing tattoos, Sliming of Body, Replacing the heads of multiple people, Enhancing body features like mussels, breasts, face, bum, age reduction

    ·       Turning the picture into art

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